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 Step 2 - Printer Type: Inkjet Printer (change selection) 
 Step 3 - Select Your Brother Inkjet Printer Model 
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DCP-110 C DCP-115 C DCP-117 C DCP-117c DCP-120 C
DCP-130 C DCP-165 C DCP-165c DCP-310 CN DCP-315 CN
DCP-330 C DCP-340 CW DCP-350 C DCP-375 CW DCP-385 C
DCP-395 CN DCP-540 CN DCP-560 CN DCP-585 CW DCP-6690 CW
DCP-750 CW DCP-770 CW DCP-J140 W DCP-J152 W DCP-J4110 DW
DCP-J525 W DCP-J725 DW DCP-J752 DW DCP-J925 DW DP-300 C
DP-350 C DP-525 CJ DP-530 CJ DP-540 CJ DP-550 CJ
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Ensemble PDP 30
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LW-710i LW-730i LW-750i LW-800i LW-810i
LW-830i LW-840i
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MFC-210 C MFC-215 C MFC-230 C MFC-230C MFC-240 C
MFC-250 C MFC-250c MFC-255 CW MFC-255CW MFC-290 C
MFC-290C MFC-295 CN MFC-295CN MFC-3240 C MFC-3340 CN
MFC-3360 C MFC-410 CN MFC-420 CN MFC-425 CN MFC-440 CN
MFC-465 CN MFC-465cn MFC-490 CW MFC-490CW MFC-495 CW
MFC-495CW MFC-5440 CN MFC-5460 CN MFC-5490 CN MFC-5490CN
MFC-5840 CN MFC-5860 CN MFC-5890 CN MFC-5890CN MFC-5895 CW
MFC-620 CN MFC-640 CW MFC-640CW MFC-6490 CW MFC-6490CW
MFC-660 CN MFC-665 CW MFC-680 CN MFC-685 CW MFC-685cw
MFC-6890 CDW MFC-6890 DW MFC-790 CW MFC-790CW MFC-795 CW
MFC-795CW MFC-820 CW MFC-845 CW MFC-885 CW MFC-885cw
MFC-990 CW MFC-J220 MFC-J245 MFC-J265 W MFC-J270 W
MFC-J270w MFC-J280 W MFC-J285 DW MFC-J410 W MFC-J415 W
MFC-J425 W MFC-J430 W MFC-J4310 DW MFC-J435 W MFC-J4410 DW
MFC-J450 DW MFC-J4510 DW MFC-J4610 DW MFC-J470 DW MFC-J4710 DW
MFC-J475 DW MFC-J5910 DW MFC-J615 W MFC-J615W MFC-J625 DW
MFC-J625 W MFC-J630 W MFC-J630W MFC-J650 DW MFC-J6510 DW
MFC-J6520 DW MFC-J6710 DW MFC-J6720 DW MFC-J6910 DW MFC-J6920 DW
MFC-J825 DW MFC-J835 W MFC-J870 DW MFC-J875 DW
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PDP 100 J PDP 300 C
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Whisperwriter WP-6500 J Whisperwriter WP-7550 J WP 6400 J WP 6500 J WP 6700 C
WP 7400 J WP 7550 J WP 7550 J Plus WP 7700 C
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