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 Step 3 - Select Your Lexmark Laser Printer Model 
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4026 Optra E 4045 Optra M 4059 Optra S 4069 Optra T 5016 Optra C710
925 de
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C500n C510 C510dtn C510n C520n
C522n C524dn C524dtn C524n C532dn
C532n C534dn C534dtn C534n C540 dw
C540n C543dn C544dn C544dtn C544dw
C544n C546dtn C734 C734DN C734DTN
C734DW C734N C736DN C736DTN C736N
C750 C750dn C750n C752 C752 dn
C752 dtn C752 fn C752 L C752 Ldn C752 Ldtn
C752 Ln C752 n C752dn C752dtn C752fn
C752L C752Ldn C752Ldtn C752Ln C752n
C760 C760dn C760dtn C760n C762
C762dn C762dtn C762n C770dn C770dtn
C770n C772dn C772dtn C772n C780dn
C780dtn C780n C782dn C782dn XL C782dtn
C782dtn XL C782n C782n XL C792 de C792 dhe
C792 dte C792 e C910 C912 C912dn
C912fn C912n C920 C920dn C920dtn
C920n C935dn C935dtn C935hdn C950 de
Clinical Assistant
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E120n E220 E230 E232 E232t
E234 E234n E234tn E238 E240
E240n E240t E250d E250dn E260 dt
E260 dtn E260 dtn 35PPM E260d E260dn E320
E321 E322 E322n E323 E323n
E323t E330 E332n E332tn E340
E342n E350d E352dn E360 dtn E360d
E360dn E450dn E460 dtn E460d E460dn
E460dw E462dtn Education Station ES460 dn
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Impact S301 Impact S305 Interpret S405
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Legal Partner
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Optra C710 Optra C710 Solaris Optra C710dn Optra C710n Optra E
Optra E Plus Optra Ep Optra Es Optra M410 Optra M410n
Optra M412 Optra M412n Optra M412n Solaris Optra N Optra N 240
Optra N 245 Optra S 1250 Optra S 1250n Optra S 1255 Optra S 1255n
Optra S 1620 Optra S 1620n Optra S 1625 Optra S 1625n Optra S 1650
Optra S 1650n Optra S 1855 Optra S 1855n Optra S 2420 Optra S 2420n
Optra S 2450 Optra S 2450n Optra S 2455 Optra S 2455n Optra T610
Optra T610n Optra T612 Optra T612n Optra T612s Optra T614
Optra T614n Optra T614nl Optra T616 Optra T616n OptraImage 614s
OptraImage S 2455m OptraImage T610sx OptraImage T614 dx
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T420d T420dn T430 T430d T430dn
T520 T520 d T520 dn T520 n T522
T522 dn T522 n T620 T620 dn T620 in
T620 n T622 T622 dn T622 in T622 n
T630 T630dn T630n T632 T632dtn
T632Dtnf T632n T632tn T634 T634dtn
T634Dtnf T634n T634tn T640 T640dn
T640dtn T640n T640tn T642 T642dn
T642dtn T642n T642tn T644 T644dn
T644dtn T644n T644tn T650DN T650DTN
T650N T652DN T652DTN T652N T654 DTN
T654DN T654DTN 55PPM T654N T656dne TS654 dn
TS656 dne
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W820 W820dn W820n W840 W840dn
W840n W850dn W850n
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X203n X204n X215 X242n X264 dnw
X264dn X340 X340n X342 X363dn
X364dn X364dw X422 X463de X464de
X466de X466dte X466dwe X500n X502n
X520 X522 X543dn X544dn X544dtn
X544dw X544n X546dtn X548 de X548 dte
X560dn X560n X630 X632 X632e
X632s X634dte X634e X642e X644e MFP
X644ef MFP X646dte MFP X646e MFP X646ef MFP X651de MFP
X652de MFP X654de MFP X656de MFP X656dte MFP X658de MFP
X658dfe MFP X658dme MFP X658dte MFP X658dtfe MFP X658dtme MFP
X734DE X736DE X738DE X738DTE X750e
X752e X762e X772e mfp X782e X782e XL
X792 DE X792 DTE X792 DTFE X792 DTME X792 DTPE
X792 DTSE X820e X850e MFP X852e MFP X854e MFP
X860 dhe 3 X860 dhe 4 X860de 3 X860de 4 X862dte 3
X862dte 4 X864 X864dhe 3 X864dhe 4 X912e
X925 DE X940e X945e X952 de X952 dte
X954 de X954 dhe X9540 de XC940e XC945e
XS 651de XS 654 XS 658 dme XS463 XS463 de
XS464 XS466 XS651 de XS654 XS658 dme
XS736 de
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