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Cleaning Tools & Equipment

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Bristles, 18" Wide, Red, 10 Per Case, CFS36781800
30" Wide, Red, 10 Per Case, CFS36693000
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Side Bristles, 12" Long, Red, 12 Per Case, CFS4042205
2 Bolts, 2 Wing Nuts, 12 Per Case, CFS4519600
Rubber Squeegee, 18" Blade, 10 Per Case, CFS36283CR1800
8" Long, Metal, 10 Per Case, CFS36510800
Green, Synthetic, 4-1/2" Long, 12 Per Case, CFS4072908
1" Blade Width, Carded, RDL3010
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20" Long, 6" Diameter, 12 Per Case, CFS36439100
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30" Wide, Black, 6 Per Case, CFS36336C00
60" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH146
8" Plastic Handle, Gray/Yellow, RCP9B29
Polypropylene, "Caution Wet Floor," Yellow, 16-1/2"W x 20"L, 25 Sheets Per Pad, RCP4252YEL
54" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH145
Double, 17 Quart, Gray, RCP2617GRA
Wet Floor Safety Cone, 10-1/2"W x 10-1/2"D x 25-5/8"H, Yellow, RCP627777
Accommodates Pads 18"L, Yellow, RCPQ90088YW
Handle, Polypropylene Bristles, 6"L White Plastic Block, RCP6482COB
48"-72", Yellow & Black, RCPQ755
60" Long, Natural, RCPM116
Toilet Bowl Brush, White Plastic, RCP631100WE
10 Quart, Red, RCP2963RED
Polypropylene, 35"Long, Black, 6 Per Carton, RCPFG637400BLA
Heavy & Fine Debris, 42" Handle, 4 Per Carton, RCPFG421388BLA
8-1/2" Yellow Plastic Handle, RCP9B56BLA
Multilingual, 11"W x 1-1/2"D x 26-1/2"H, Yellow Plastic, RCP611200YW
1-1/4"W x 1-1/4"H x 4"L, Black, 6 Per Carton, RCPFG253500BLA
Polypropylene Fibers, 10" Plastic Block, Tapered Hole, RCP6337BLU
Includes Dust PanHand Sweep, RCP6C0100
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20" Long Plastic Handle, Gray/Yellow, RCP9B32
Downward Pressure Wringer Combination, Yellow, RCP757688YW
16 Panels, 2 Wheels, Bright Yellow, RCPFG9S1100YEL
Cover, Plastic Pan, Metal Handle, Black, RCP253200BLA
Wet Floor Yellow Safety Cone, 12-1/4"W x 12-1/4"D x 36"H, Yellow, RCP627677
17-3/4" Overall Length, Yellow, RCP630100YEL
8.75 Gallon, Blue, RCPFG758888BLUE
17" Overall Length, Yellow Plastic Handle, RCP6320
15 Quart, Steel Gray, RCP6194STL
Silver, 12-1/2" Length, RCP6342
8.75 Gallon, Yellow, RCP757088YEL
60" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH236
Wet Floor Safety Cone, 21"W x 21"D x 30"H, Yellow, RCP9S0100YL
11"w x 1-1/2"D x 26-1/2"H, RCP611277YW
54" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH135
60" Long, Natural & Yellow, RCPH216
General, Nonabrasive, 16"x16"x16", Green, 12 Per Carton, RCPFGQ62000GR00
54" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH235
60" Long, Hardwood Handle, Large Yellow Head, RCPH116
14 Quart, Red, RCP2614RED
8.75 Gallon, Yellow, RCPFG759088YEL
Gray, 4 Per Carton, RCPFG421288BLA
10 Quart, Gray, RCP296300GY
60" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH226
12-1/2" Wide, Charcoal, RCP2005CHA
White Plastic, RCP631000WE
18"W x 14-1/2"D x 10"H, Gray, RCP262888GY
60" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH136
1 Pad of 20 Sheets, RCP4254
54" Long, Blue & Yellow, RCPH245
27 Gallon, Blue-Black-White, RCPFGQ050000000
Yellow, RCP757588YEL
Dry Room, Microfiber, 18", 5-1/2"x18-1/2", White, 12 Per Carton, RCPFGQ41200WH00
Extends to 51", White, 12 Per Carton, RCPFGT12000GY00
10"W x 40"H, Powder Coated Steel, Black, TCO57019
1 Handle, 1 Duster, PGC16942
1 Handle, 3 Dusters, PGC82074
Tapered Socket & Red Neoprene Blade, 30", UNGHW750
Green Nylon Handle, White Cloth Sleeve, 14", UNGWC350
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44-1/2" Aluminum Handle, 10-2/5" Mop Head, Blue & White, QCK56076
12-1/4"L x 8-1/4"W x 2-5/8"D, RCP2005CC
Out of Stock - Notify Me
11 oz. Can, 12 Per Carton, WDF110078
12" Overall Length x 5-3/4" Mop Head, Blue Plastic, IMP201
8" Brush Length, Tampico Fill, WEI25251
Squeegee, 10" Long, Polypropylene, 12 Per Case, CFS4042100
22" Wide, White & Black, 10 Per Case, CFS36622200
30" Wide, 10 Per Case, CFS36653000
White, 15" x 13-1/2", 40 Per Package, CHI8007
For 4-5/8" x 10" Pads, Orange, 2 Pads Per Kit, 4 Kits Per Carton, MMM08542
39-1/2" Long, White, Stainless Steel, 12 Per Case, CFS4014402
W/Handle, White, 5 Per Pack, PGC40509
HandleOne Disposable Duster, 6" Length, 12 Kits Per Carton, PGC16942CT
Dust Lock Fiber, Yellow, 12"L x 4"W, PGC40509EA
10" Head Width, White, 14 Pads Per Box, PGC81790
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