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Cleaning Tools & Equipment

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30" Wide, Black, 10 Per Case, CFS36633000
Metal Frame, 18" Wide, Black, 6 Per Case, CFS361201800
12-1/4"L x 8-1/4"W x 2-5/8"D, RCP2005CC
20" Long, 6" Diameter, 12 Per Case, CFS36439100
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30" Wide, Black, 6 Per Case, CFS36336C00
Bristles, 18" Wide, Red, 10 Per Case, CFS36781800
16" Wide, UNGPR400
18" Wide Blade, Black Natural Foam Rubber, UNGMW450
Locking System, 1-1/2" Blades, Retractable, UNGSR50
Safety Scraper, 100 #9 Blades Per Box, UNGSRB10
12-3/4"L x 11-1/4"W, Black, RCP2531BLA
12 Per Carton, MNL4724
18"W Strip Washer, UNGVP450
48" Handle, 4" Blade, UNGLH12C
Ergonomic Handle, Steel Blade, Reversible, 7-7/8", Green, UNGSH00C
18", Black Rubber, Hard, UNGRT45
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Claw, 36", Black & Green, UNGNN900
Heavy Duty Scraper, Carbon Steel, 8"W, 10 Blades Per Pack, UNGHDSB
White Cloth, 14", UNGWS350
30" Wide, UNGHM750
Green Nylon Handle, White Cloth Sleeve, 14", UNGWC350
Hardwood, Tampico Bristle, 12 Per Carton, MNL20T
Cone, 12" Handle Length, White Plastic, 50 Per Carton, IMP3605
Tapered Socket & Red Neoprene Blade, 30", UNGHW750
12" Edge, Black, 12 Per Carton, MNL6
Black Rubber Grip, UNGPR00
14", Black Rubber, Soft, UNGRT35
36 Inch Blade, Green & Black Rubber, Curved, UNGFP90C
36 Inch Blade, Green & Black Rubber, Curved, UNGFWAI
White Cloth, 18", UNGWS450
12" Overall Length x 5-3/4" Mop Head, White Plastic, 100 Per Carton, IMP200
Caddy, 16" Overall Length, White Plastic, 12 Per Carton, IMP333
Green Nylon Handle, White Cloth Sleeve, 18", UNGWC450
12", Black Rubber, Soft, UNGRT30
18 Inch Wide Blade, Black Rubber, Straight, UNGPR45
18" Wide Blade, UNGES450EA
56", Silver, UNGAL14G
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Claw, 51"L, Black & Green, UNGNN140
30" Wide Blade, UNGHM30K
14" Strip Washer, Accepts Pro & Clip Channels, Includes Pro channelRubber., UNGVP350
13'L, Two Sections, Silver & Green, UNGEZ400
Short Handle 4" Scraper, Carbon Steel Blades, Silver, 10 Per Pack, UNGRB10C
22" Wide Blade, UNGHM22K
12" Wide, UNGPR300
7 X 18, 50 Sleeves Per Pack, 1 Pack Per Carton, UNGDS50Y
Black Rubber, Straight, 24"W, UNGFP600
18-Ft., Three Sections, UNGED550
8-Ft., Two Sections, UNGEZ250
22" Wide, UNGPM55K
12" Wide Blade, UNGES300
22" Wide, UNGPB55K
14" X 21", Pink Stripe, 200/Box, CHI8311
Side Bristles, 12" Long, Red, 12 Per Case, CFS4042205
30" Wide, Red, 10 Per Case, CFS36693000
2 Bolts, 2 Wing Nuts, 12 Per Case, CFS4519600
Rubber Squeegee, 18" Blade, 10 Per Case, CFS36283CR1800
8" Long, Metal, 10 Per Case, CFS36510800
Green, Synthetic, 4-1/2" Long, 12 Per Case, CFS4072908
1" Blade Width, Carded, RDL3010
60" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH146
8" Plastic Handle, Gray/Yellow, RCP9B29
Polypropylene, "Caution Wet Floor," Yellow, 16-1/2"W x 20"L, 25 Sheets Per Pad, RCP4252YEL
54" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH145
Double, 17 Quart, Gray, RCP2617GRA
Wet Floor Safety Cone, 10-1/2"W x 10-1/2"D x 25-5/8"H, Yellow, RCP627777
Accommodates Pads 18"L, Yellow, RCPQ90088YW
Handle, Polypropylene Bristles, 6"L White Plastic Block, RCP6482COB
48"-72", Yellow & Black, RCPQ755
60" Long, Natural, RCPM116
Toilet Bowl Brush, White Plastic, RCP631100WE
10 Quart, Red, RCP2963RED
Polypropylene, 35"Long, Black, 6 Per Carton, RCPFG637400BLA
Heavy & Fine Debris, 42" Handle, 4 Per Carton, RCPFG421388BLA
8-1/2" Yellow Plastic Handle, RCP9B56BLA
Multilingual, 11"W x 1-1/2"D x 26-1/2"H, Yellow Plastic, RCP611200YW
1-1/4"W x 1-1/4"H x 4"L, Black, 6 Per Carton, RCPFG253500BLA
Polypropylene Fibers, 10" Plastic Block, Tapered Hole, RCP6337BLU
Includes Dust PanHand Sweep, RCP6C0100
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20" Long Plastic Handle, Gray/Yellow, RCP9B32
Downward Pressure Wringer Combination, Yellow, RCP757688YW
16 Panels, 2 Wheels, Bright Yellow, RCPFG9S1100YEL
Cover, Plastic Pan, Metal Handle, Black, RCP253200BLA
Wet Floor Yellow Safety Cone, 12-1/4"W x 12-1/4"D x 36"H, Yellow, RCP627677
17-3/4" Overall Length, Yellow, RCP630100YEL
8.75 Gallon, Blue, RCPFG758888BLUE
17" Overall Length, Yellow Plastic Handle, RCP6320
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