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Cleaning Tools & Equipment

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UNGNN900 Image
Best Seller!
Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm with Claw
36", Black & Green, UNGNN900
RCP9B32 Image
Best Seller!
Rubbermaid Commercial Pot Scrubber Brush
20" Long Plastic Handle, Gray/Yellow, RCP9B32
UNGNN140 Image
Best Seller!
Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm With Claw
51"L, Black & Green, UNGNN140
RCP6482COB Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Scrub Brush with Handle
Polypropylene Bristles, 6"L White Plastic Block, RCP6482COB
BWK9008 Image
Boardwalk Grout Brush
Nylon Bristles, 7/8" Trim, 8-1/8" Handle, BWK9008
UNGHM750 Image
QCK57315 Image
UNGSH00C Image
Unger Ergotec Short Handle 4" Wide Scraper
Ergonomic Handle, Steel Blade, Reversible, 7-7/8", Green, UNGSH00C
MMM59032W Image
3M Easy Trap Duster
5" x 30', 60 Sheets Per Box, MMM59032W
RCP631000WE Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Toilet Bowl Brush
White Plastic, RCP631000WE
RCPH226 Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Gripper Aluminum Mop Handle
60" Long, Gray & Yellow, RCPH226
RCP611277YW Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Wet Floor Sign
11"w x 1-1/2"D x 26-1/2"H, RCP611277YW
UNGLH12C Image
RCPH145 Image
QCK590941M Image
Quickie Lysol Cone Mop Supreme Refill
Green & Blue, QCK590941M
MMM55654W Image
3M Easy Trap Duster
8" x 125', 1 Roll Per Carton, MMM55654W
RCP253200BLA Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Lobby Pro Upright Dust Pan With Cover
Plastic Pan, Metal Handle, Black, RCP253200BLA
RCP6320 Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Toilet Bowl Brush
17" Overall Length, Brown Plastic Handle, RCP6320
EXC3336WHT2 Image
EX-CELL The Clincher Mop & Broom Holder
34"w x 5.5"d x 7.5"h, White Gloss, Each, EXC3336WHT2
UNGVP350 Image
Unger Visa Versa Squeegee With 14" Strip Washer
Accepts Pro & Clip Channels, Includes Pro channel with Rubber., UNGVP350
RCP631100WE Image
UNGED550 Image
Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole
18-Ft., Three Sections, UNGED550
PGC16942CT Image
Swiffer 360 Starter Kit
Handle with One Disposable Duster, 6" Length, 12 Kits Per Carton, PGC16942CT
UNGRT30 Image
Unger ErgoTec Replacement Squeegee Blades
12", Black Rubber, Soft, 12 per Pack, UNGRT30
RCP6C0100 Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Dust Pan Set
Includes Dust Pan With Hand Sweep, RCP6C0100
TCO57010 Image
Tatco Wet Umbrella Bag
7"W x 31"H, Clear, 1000 Per Box, TCO57010
UNGAL14G Image
UNGPR300 Image
BWK6217 Image
Proline Brush Tampico Toilet Bowl Brush
19"L Plastic Handle, White, BWK6217
UNGEZ400 Image
Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole
13'L, Two Sections, Silver & Green, UNGEZ400
QCK59094M Image
Quickie Lysol Cone Mop Supreme
8" Wide, 31-3/4" Steel Handle, Green & Blue, Each, QCK59094M
RCP611200YW Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Message Floor Sign: "Caution"
Multilingual, 11"W x 1-1/2"D x 26-1/2"H, Yellow Plastic, RCP611200YW
UNGES300 Image
Unger ErgoTec Squeegee
12" Wide Blade, UNGES300
UNGPR400 Image
BWK914FD Image
Unisan Retractable Feather Duster
Plastic Handle Extends 9" to 14", Gray, BWK914FD
TCO57019 Image
Tatco Wet Umbrella Stand
10"W x 40"H, Powder Coated Steel, Black, TCO57019
UNGHM30K Image
Unger SmartFit Waterwand Squeegee
30" Wide Blade, UNGHM30K
UNGEZ250 Image
Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole
8-Ft., Two Sections, UNGEZ250
UNGFP90C Image
Unger Aquadozer Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee
36 Inch Blade, Green & Black Rubber, Curved, UNGFP90C
RCP262888GY Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Brute 19-Quart 2-Section Utility Pail
18"W x 14-1/2"D x 10"H, Gray, RCP262888GY
RCP4254 Image
RCPH146 Image
RCP2614RED Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Brute Utility Pail
14 Quart, Red, RCP2614RED
PGC82074 Image
Swiffer 360 Dusters Extender Kit
1 Handle, 3 Dusters, PGC82074
Boardwalk Grip-N-Flip 10-Sided Microfiber Mitt
RCP630100YEL Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Toilet Bowl Brush
17-3/4" Overall Length, Yellow, RCP630100YEL
RCP757688YW Image
Rubbermaid Commercial WaveBrake 44-Quart Bucket
Downward Pressure Wringer Combination, Yellow, RCP757688YW
CHI8007 Image
Chicopee Light Duty Soft Cloth Towel
White, 15" x 13-1/2", 40 Per Package, CHI8007
RCPH236 Image
RCP6194STL Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Pail & Strainer Combinations
15 Quart, Steel Gray, RCP6194STL
UNGFP600 Image
Unger AquaDozer Heavy Duty Squeegee
Black Rubber, Straight, 24"W, UNGFP600
UNGWS450 Image
UNGWS350 Image
UNGRB10C Image
Unger Replacement Blades For Short Handle 4" Scraper
Carbon Steel Blades, Silver, 10 Per Pack, UNGRB10C
PGC16942 Image
Swiffer 360 Degree Duster Starter Kit
1 Handle, 1 Duster, PGC16942
MFMPRO200020 Image
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CFS3659203 Image
Flo-Pac VersaClean Brush & Squeegee Head
12-1/2"L x 3"H, Black, Thremoplastic Rubber, 12 Per Case, CFS3659203
CFS3623802 Image
Flo-Pac Polypropylene Bowl Mop
12" Long, White, 100 Per Case, CFS3623802
CFS36315600 Image
Flo-Pac Telescoping Poly Wool Duster
52" to 81" Length, 12 Per Case, CFS36315600
CFS361015002 Image
Flo-Pac Toilet Bowl Brush
Polypropylene Bristles, 11" Long, White, 24 Per Case, CFS361015002
CFS36631800 Image
PGC82074CT Image
Swiffer Extension-Handle Duster
3 Foot Handle, 6 Per Carton, PGC82074CT
RCPH245 Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Gripper Fiberglass Mop Handle
54" Long, Blue & Yellow, RCPH245
RCPH135 Image
RCPH136 Image
QCK57365 Image
Lysol Lysol Bowl Brush with Plunger & Caddy
20-1/4", White & Green, QCK57365
RCPM116 Image
RCP6337BLU Image
Rubbermaid Commercial Bi-Level Deck Scrub Brush
Polypropylene Fibers, 10" Plastic Block, Tapered Hole, RCP6337BLU
CFS4575100 Image
Flo-Pac Commercial Groomer Carpet Rake
54"L x 18"W, 12 Per Case, CFS4575100
CFS3659603 Image
Flo-Pac VersaClean Brush & Squeegee Head
16"L x 3"H, Black, Thermoplastic Rubber, 12 Per Case, CFS3659603
BWK00423CT Image
Boardwalk Drum Pump
5 Gpm, Plastic, 46", 25 Per Carton, BWK00423CT
CFS36510800 Image
Flo-Pac Multi-Purpose Squeegee Clamp
8" Long, Metal, 10 Per Case, CFS36510800
CFS4042100 Image
Flo-Pac Hi-Lo Floor Scrub Brush Head
Squeegee, 10" Long, Polypropylene, 12 Per Case, CFS4042100
CFS36439100 Image
Flo-Pac Bell Plunger Force Cup Plunger
20" Long, 6" Diameter, 12 Per Case, CFS36439100
CFS4553203 Image
Flo-Pac Toilet Bowl Brush
Polyester Bristles, 24" Long, Black, 12 Per Case, CFS4553203
CFS4042200 Image
Flo-Pac Sparta Dual Surface Polypropylene Floor Scrub Head
Side Bristles, 12" Long, Polypropylene, Yellow, 12 Per Case, CFS4042200
CFS4042214 Image
Flo-Pac Sparta Dual Surface Polypropylene Floor Scrub Head
Side Bristles, 12", Blue, 12 Per Case, CFS4042214
CFS4042209 Image
Flo-Pac Dual Surface Polypropylene Floor Scrub Head
Side Bristles, 12" Long, Green, 12 Per Case, CFS4042209
CFS4042205 Image
Flo-Pac Dual Surface Polypropylene Floor Scrub Head
Side Bristles, 12" Long, Red, 12 Per Case, CFS4042205
CFS36336C00 Image
Flo-Pac Curved End Rubber Squeegee
30" Wide, Black, 6 Per Case, CFS36336C00
CFS36511900 Image
Flo-Pac Complete Scraper
Metal Handle & Blade, 48" Long, 10 Per Case, CFS36511900
CFS361203600 Image
Flo-Pac Straight Squeegee Blade
36" Wide, Black, 6 Per Case, CFS361203600
CFS36653000 Image
Temporarily Out of Stock
Flo-Pac Moss Foam Rubber Squeegee
30" Wide, 10 Per Case, CFS36653000
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