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Desk Staplers

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80-Sheet Capacity,3/8" Staples, 1-1/4" Throat Depth, Red & Brown, MXBHD11UFL
35-Sheet Capacity, Red, MXBHD11FLKRD
35-Sheet Capacity, Blue, MXBHD11FLKBE
35 Sheet Capacity, Black, MXBHD11FLKBK
HD-50DF, 2 To 30 Sheets, Black, MXBHD50DFBK
20 Sheet Capacity, Moss, ACI1710
15 Sheet Cap, Black & Pink, ACI1588
15 Sheet Capacity, Purple, ACI1454
15 Sheet Capacity, Blue, ACI1451
20 Sheet Capacity, Sand, ACI1723
15 Sheet Capacity, Green, ACI1453
28 Sheet Capacity, Blue & Silver, ACI1460
12 Sheet Capacity, Pink, ACI1888
20 Sheet Capacity, Stone, ACI1722
20 Sheet Capacity, Stone, ACI1140
Translucent Green, ACI1513
15 Sheet Capacity, Sand, ACI1752
2 To 20 Sheets, Black, ACI1100
12 Sheet Capacity, Green, ACI1811
20 Sheet Capacity, Pink & Black, ACI1188
2 To 20 Sheets, Translucent Green, ACI1123
Gray/Black, ACI1510
Translucent Blue, ACI1512
12 Sheet Capacity, Blue, ACI1812
25 Sheet Capacity, One Finger Operation, Maroon & Silver, ACI1117
12 Sheet Capacity, Pink, ACI1813
Translucent Red, ACI1511
White & Blue, ACI1118
20-Sheet Capacity, Black & Silver, ACI1433
15-Sheet Capacity, Black, ACI1493
Use Standard Staples, 25 Sheet Capacity, Silver/Black, ACI1110
20-Sheet Capacity, Black, ACI1423
2 To 20 Sheets, Translucent Red, ACI1124
2 To 20 Sheets, Translucent Blue, ACI1122
50 Sheet Capacity, Chrome, RPD90119
30 Sheet Capacity, Black, RPD73270
30 Sheet Capacity, Black and Red, RPD73272
30 Sheet Capacity, Black, RPD76082
30 Sheet Capacity, Black, RPD73273
20 Sheet Capacity, Black & Silver, RPD73280
30 Sheets, Ttitanium, RPD76070
30 Sheets, Black, RPD76071
Full Strip, Staple Indicator, Black, BOSB440BK
20 Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB515BK
20 Sheet Capacity, Black, BOS42100
20 Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB900BLK
20-Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB210BLK
20 Sheet Capacity, Top Load, Black, BOSB326BLK
Full Strip, Staple Indicator, Black, BOSB660BK
Full Strip, Antimicrobial, Staples 2-20 Sheets, Black, BOSB5000BLK
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AntiJam, Stapler, Full Strip, Gray & Black, BOSSSP99
20 Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB2200BK
20 Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB400BK
25-Sheet Capacity, 1/4" Staples, Titanium Gray Metalli, BOSB777RGRAY
20-Sheet Capacity, 1/4" Staples, Ice Blue, BOSB210RBLUE
25-Sheet Capacity, 1/4" Staples, Magenta Wine Metallic, BOSB777RMAG
20-Sheet Capacity, 1/4" Staples, Slate Gray, BOSB210RGRAY
50-Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB850BLK
25-Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB777BLK
Pencil Sharpener, 20-Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB696BLK
25-Sheet Capacity, Blue, BOSB777BLUE
40 Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB8RCFC
20-Sheet Capacity, Pink, BOSB326PPVLTPNK
25-Sheet Capacity, Red, BOSB777RED
40-Sheet Capacity, Black, BOSB9040
Best Seller!
Full Strip, 2 To 20 Sheets, Black, SWI44401S
20 Sheet Capacity, Green, SWI87827
Compact, 1-1/2" Throat, 1/4" Staples, Black, SWI66412
12 Sheet Capacity, Pink, SWI79174
20 Sheet Capacity, Blue, SWI87826
20 Sheet Capacity, Red & Black, SWI87831
30 Sheet Capacity, Silver & Blue, SWI66525
12 Sheet Capacity, Black, SWI79171
12 Sheet Capacity, Purple, SWI79173
20 Sheet Capacity, Navy Blue & Black, SWI87832
40 Sheet Capacity, Silver, SWI87845
12 Sheet Capacity, Blue, SWI79172
30 Sheet Capacity, Silver & Red, SWI66526
Full Strip, 15 Sheet Capacity, Black, SWI54501
Full Strip, 2 To 20, Chrome, SWI74720
Full Strip, 2 To 20 Sheets, Black, SWI74701
3" Throat Depth, Black, SWI87815
AntiJam, Full Strip, 2 To 25 Sheets, Black, SWI87800
Stapling Or Tacking, 2 To 20 Sheets, Black, SWI78911
Full Strip, 2 To 20, Black, SWI40701
Full Strip, 2 To 15 Sheets, Black, SWI54551
Chrome-Plated Steel, Dark Gray & Black, SWI29950
Soft Touch, 2 To 20 Sheets, Black, SWI71101
20 Sheet Capacity, Royal Blue, SWI74729
AntiJam, Full Strip, 2 To 25 Sheets, Royal Blue, SWI87802
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