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Dixie Disposable Cutlery

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DXETM507 Image
Dixie Plastic Tableware
Heavy Mediumweight Teaspoons, Black, 100 Per Box, DXETM507
DXECH0369DX7 Image
Dixie Heavyweight Polystyrene Cutlery
Clear, Knives/spoons/forks, 180 Per Pack, 10pk Per Carton, DXECH0369DX7
DXECH0180DX7CT Image
Dixie Cutlery Keeper Plastic Tableware
Heavy Weight, 180 Pieces Per Pack, 10 Packs Per Carton, DXECH0180DX7CT
Dixie Smartstock Plastic Cutlery Refill
Forks, 6 1/2", Beige, 40 Per Pack, 24 Packs Per Carton, DXESSF11B
DXEKH53C7 Image
Dixie Individually Wrapped Knives
Plastic, Black, 1000 Per Carton, DXEKH53C7
DXETM23C7 Image
Dixie Individually Wrapped Polystyrene Teaspoons
White, 5.88", 1,000 Per Carton, DXETM23C7
DXEKH207CT Image
Dixie Plastic Heavyweight Knives
White, 1000 Knives Per Carton, DXEKH207CT
DXETH207CT Image
Dixie Plastic Heavyweight Teaspoons
White, 1000 Teaspoons Per Carton, DXETH207CT
DXETM5W540 Image
Dixie GrabíN Go Wrapped Teaspoons
Black, 540 Per Carton, DXETM5W540
DXESH207CT Image
Dixie Plastic Heavyweight Soup Spoons
White, 1000 Spoons Per Carton, DXESH207CT
DXEFM5W540 Image
Dixie GrabíN Go Wrapped Forks
Black, 540 Per Carton, DXEFM5W540
DXESSK51 Image
Dixie SmartStock Plastic Cutlery Refill
Knives, Black, 24 Packs of 40, 960 Knives Per Carton, DXESSK51
DXEKM5W540 Image
Dixie GrabíN Go Wrapped Cutlery
Knives, Black, 540 Per Carton, DXEKM5W540
DXETH017 Image
Dixie Plastic Heavyweight Teaspoon
Crystal Clear, 6", 1000 Per Carton, DXETH017
Dixie SmartStock Plastic Fork Refills
5.8" Long, White, 40 Forks Per Pack, 24 Packs Per Carton, DXESSF21P
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