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2" Expansion, Legal Size,11 Point Manila, 50 Per Box, UNV76500
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28 lb., Light Brown, Thumb Cut, 6" x 9", 100 Per Box, QUA40762
Letter Size, 5-1/4" Exp., 10 Per Box, UNV15262
Red Tyvek Gussets, Legal Sized, 5-1/4" Expansion, 10 Per Box, SMD74696
CD-ROM Holder, 9" x 12", Clear, 25 Per Pack, UNV50780
Flat, Letter Size, 100 Per Box, UNV72300
3-1/2" Expansion, Letter, Assorted Colors, 4 Per Pack, PFX09213
5-1/4" Expansion, Legal Size, Redrope, 50 Per Box, GLW64234B
2" Expansion, Letter Size, 11 Point Manila, 50 Per Box, UNV76300
Letter Size, Assorted Colors, 25/Pack, QUA89503
5" x 8-1/8", Cameo Buff, 500 Per Box, QUA63872
5-1/4" Expansion, Letter Size, Redrope, 50 Per Box, GLW63234B
9 1/2" x 11 3/4", Cameo Buff, 100/BX, QUA63972
Letter Size, 8-1/2"W x 11"L, Red Fiber, ESSS24E
9"x13-3/4"x1", Manila, 100/Carton, QUAE9401
9"x13-3/4"x1", Kraft, 100/Carton, QUAE9400
5.25" Expansion, Letter Size, Elastic Cord, 10 Per Pack, GLW1073G
Best Seller!
10" x 7-3/8", Black & Clear, AVT67024
24 Point, 5-1/4" Expansion, Legal Size,Extra Wide, Brown, GLWCL1077GLHD
3-1/2" Expansion, Letter Size, Redrope, 50 Per Box, GLW63224B
Fabric, Zipper Closure, Black, AVT67000
3-1/2" Expansion, Legal, 25 Per Box, PFX1526EOX
Letter, 3-1/2" Expansion, 10 Per Box, PFX95343
Four Pockets, Letter Size, Elastic Enclosure, Polypropylene, Blue & Silver, PFX50965
5-1/4" Expansion, Legal, 5 Per Box, PFX85565
Letter, Clear, 25 Per Box, PFX62004
3-1/2" Expansion, Letter Size, Manila, 25 Per Box, PFX12832
5-1/4" Expansion, Letter, 5 Per Box, PFX85545
Letter Size, 3-1/2" Expansion, PFX35247
Letter Size, Clear, 50 Per Box, PFX61504
Double-Ply Tab, Flat, Legal Size,100 Per Box, PFX23900
Polyropylene, Legal Size, 1" Expansion, 5 Per Pack, Assorted Colors, PFX50993
Top Tab, 3-1/2" Expansion, 25 Per Box, PFX1524EOX
Pocket, Assorted Colors, Letter Size, 4 Per Pack, PFX90016
Legal Size,3-1/2" Expansion, 10 Per Box, PFX95545
Red Fiber, Letter Size, Red, PFXE1534G
Letter Size, Assorted Colors, 11-5/8" x 9", 10 Per Pack, PFX50981
Legal Size, 8-1/2"W x 14"L, Red Fiber, PFXS26E
Tyvek Gussets, Legal Size, 5-1/4" Expansion, 10 Per Box, PFX22823
Letter Size, 5-1/4" Expansion, Red Fiber, 10 Per Box, PFX1534GAM
5-1/4" Expansion, Letter, 10 Per Box, PFX1534GOX
1-3/4" Expansion, Legal, 25 Per Box, PFX1516COX
Letter, Assorted Colors, 25 Per Box, PFX62001
1-3/4" Expansion, Letter Size, Manila, 25 Per Box, PFX12831
Letter, Flat Expansion, 100 Per Box, PFX22000
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