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HON (1814)
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10700 Series, Full-Right Pedestal, Box/Box/File, 72"W x 36"D x 29-1/2"H, Harvest, HON10787RCC
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72"W x 24"D, Mahogany, HON105904LNN
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10700 Series, 36"W x 13-1/8"D x 57-1/8"H, Harvest, HON10754CC
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4 Doors, 60"W x 14-5/8"D x 37-1/8"H, Harvest Laminate, HON105324CC
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72"W x 24"D, Mahogany, HON105903RNN
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For 72" Credenza, 10700 Series, 68-5/8"W x 14-5/8"D x 37-1/8"H, Mahogany, HON10734NN
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1 Box Drawer, 1 File Drawer, 66"W x 30"D x 29-1/2"H, Mahogany Laminate, HON10584LNN
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36"W x 13-1/8"D x 71"H, Harvest Laminate, HON105535CC
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10700 Series, 2 File Drawers, 72"W x 24"D x 29-1/2"H, Harvest, HON10708LCC
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10500 Series, 36"W x 20"D x 59-1/8"H, Mahogany, HON10516NN
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Knee Space, 10700 Series, 72"W x 24"D x 29-1/2"H, Box/File, Mahogany, HON10743NN
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Right Full-Height Pedestal, 72"W x 36"D, Harvest, HON105895RCC
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3/4 Height Pedestals, 2 Box Drawers, 2 File Drawers, Stack-On Storage, 72"W x 108"D Footprint, Mahogany Laminate, HON105ULH72108N
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2 Doors, 36"W x 20"D x 29-1/2"H, Harvest Laminate, HON105291CC
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10700 Series, 32-5/8"W x 14-5/8"D x 37-1/8"H, Harvest, HON107292CC
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