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Kantek Privacy Filters & Anti-Glare Screens

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Privacy Filters & Anti-Glare Screens (46)
Kantek (46)
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Fits 22" Widescreen LCD, KTKMAG22WL
Free Shipping!
24" Widescreen LCD, Silver, KTKLCD24WSV
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22" Widescreen LCD, Silver, KTKLCD22WSV
for iPad Mini, White, KTKTP646W
Black-Out Privacy Filter,iPad Mini, KTKSVT6464
for iPad Mini, Black, KTKTP646B
Notebook-LCD,18.5" Widescreen, KTKSVL185W
Notebook-LCD,19" Widescreen, KTKSVL190W
Notebook-LCD, 21.5" Widescreen, KTKSVL215W
for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, KTKSVT4822
Notebook-LCD,20.0" Widescreen, KTKSVL201W
Notebook-LCD,24" Widescreen, KTKSVL24W
For 24" Widescreen, 16.9 Aspect Ratio, KTKSVL24W9
Fits 14"-18" Monitors, Black, KTKMV1417B
Fits 19 LCD Widescreen, Lightweight, KTKMAG19WL
iPad, KTKSVT4723
for 22" Widescreen, KTKSVL22W
For 23" Widescreen, 16:9 Aspect Ratio, KTKSVL23W9
Fits 14.1" Notebook, KTKSVL141
Fits 14" Screen, Non-Glare, KTKLX141
Fits 15" LCD Monitors, KTKLCD15SV
Fits 17" LCD Monitors, KTKSVL170
Fits 19" LCD Screen, KTKMAG19L
Fits 19"-21" Monitors, Black, KTKMV1921B
Fits 15" Monitor, KTKLCD15
Fits 15.4" Widescreen Notebooks, KTKSVL154W
Fits 17.0" Widescreen Notebooks, KTKSVL170W
Best Seller!
Fits 17"-18" LCD Monitors, KTKLCD17SV
Fits 14"-18" Monitors, Light Gray, KTKMV1417
LCD Glass Monitor Magnifier Filter, Fits 17" LCD Screen, KTKMAG17L
For 19" Monitor, KTKLCD19
Fits 18" Screen, Non-Glare, KTKLX181
Fits 19" LCD Monitors, KTKSVL190
Fits 14.1" Widescreen Notebooks, KTKSVL141W
Fits 17"-18 Monitor, KTKLCD17
Privacy Screen, 20" LCD Screens, Silver, KTKLCD20WSV
Fits 15" Screens, KTKSVL150
Best Seller!
For 19" Monitor, KTKLCD19SV
Lightweight, Fits 15" LCD Screen, KTKMAG15L
Fits 15" Screen, Non-Glare, KTKLX15
10-1/2"-19" Monitor Size, Light Gray, KTKMV1921
12.1" Wide, KTKSVL121W
Fits 16"-17" Monitors; Putty, 1 Per Carton, KTKMAG17C
Fits 17" Screen, Non-Glare, KTKLX17
for iPad, White, KTKTP472W
for iPad, Black, KTKTP472B
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