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MegaPlex Projectors, 200 Watts, EPSV13H010L67
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21" Reach, 6 Watts, Silver, ESIVIVID
11.8" Reach, Silver, ESIPIXIE
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36" Reach, 6 Watts, Silver, ESIVIVIDLE
28W, 48", Silver Finish, RCL94E2848100
14W, 24", Silver Finish, RCL94E1424100
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7.5W, 20", Black, RCL26121090
Sensor, 28W, 48", Silver Finish, RCL94ES2848100
Sensor, 21W, 36", Silver Finish, RCL94ES2136100
Sensor, 14W, 24", Silver Finish, RCL94ES1424100
7.5W, 20", Silver, RCL26121100
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21W, 36", Silver Finish, RCL94E2136100
2 Prong, 19-1/2", White/Red, BOSLED7BARWHRD
2 Prong, 19-1/2", White/Red, BOSLED10ARCWHRD
Interchangeable Base Or Clamp, 21-3/4" High, Black, UNV90002
33-1/4", Black, UNV90001
White Frost, 60 Hour Burn, 3-3/4" High, 12 Per Carton, FHCF460FWH
2 Prong, 20-3/4", White, BOSLEDARCMAGWHT
Swing Arm, Bell Shade, 58"H, Brass, LEDL9004
2 Prong, 19-1/2", Black, BOSLEDELGHTBLK
2 Prong, 18", White, BOSLED5NOVWHT
2 Prong, 20-3/4", Black, BOSLEDARCMAGBLK
2 Prong, 17-1/2", Black, BOSLED3FOLDBLK
5-Watt, 5-1/2"W x 18"H, Black, LEDL9142BK
4-1/2"W x 16"H, Black, MMMTL1800B
15" x 7-1/2", Black, LEDL9112
13 Watts, LEDBULBL900814
8"W x 12"H, Silver, LEDL9145
Black, 16" High, LEDL9091
30-1/2" High, Black & Silver, LEDL9102
19-1/4" H, 5-Watt, Black, LEDL9134
Satin Nickel, 17-3/4" High, LEDL9026
Black String Shade, 13-Watt, 16"H, Chrome, LEDL9136
2 Prong, 7"W x 6-7/8"D x 19-1/2"H, 6' Cord Length, Black, BOSLED7BARBLK
58" High, LEDL579BR
2 Prong, 7-5/8"W x 6-7/8"D x 19-1/2"H, 9' Cord Length, Black, BOSLED10ARCBLK
3-Watt, 11-1/2" High, LEDL9133
15-1/2" x 7-1/2", Black, LEDL9113
2 Prong, 7"W x 6-7/8"D x 19-1/2"H, 9' Cord Length, White & Red, BOSLEDELGHTWHRD
15" x 5-9/10", Black, LEDL9128
Gooseneck, 21" x 5-1/2", Black, LEDL9071
2 Prong, 6-1/8"W x 5"D x 18"H, 6' Cord Length, Black, BOSLED5NOVBLK
2 Prong, 4-3/4"W x 4-1/2"D x 17-1/2"H, 6' Cord Length, White & Red, BOSLED3FOLDWHRD
Steel, White, LEDL9111
6-1/10"W x 13-3/4"H, Black, LEDL9144
Matte Black, 16-1/4" High, LEDL9110
Tiered Shade, Weighted Base, 34" Reach, LEDL460BK
15-1/2" High, Black, LEDL9083
Brass-Plated Base, Mushroom Shade, 27" High, LEDL9081
25" High, Brushed Steel, LEDL9095
Swivel Base, Spring Balance Arm, 14" Reach, LEDL9062
Black, 17-3/4" High, LEDL9025
15" High, LEDL9092
Black, 30" High, LEDL9087
Mushroom Shade, BaseFelt Pad Bottom, 20", LEDL561BR
Black, 18" Reach, LEDL9075
9" High, Black, LEDL9089
Projection Lamp, 12 Watts, LEDSPBULBL90056
Spiral, 26 Watts, GEL75408
28" Arm Reach, Black, LEDL359BK
Black, 16-1/2" High, LEDL9088
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Black-Brass Base, Glass Shade, 15" High, LEDL9074
40"H, 60W Incandescent & 22W Fluorescent Bulb, Black, LEDL445BK
Black, 16" High, LEDL9090
Brushed Steel, 30" High, LEDL9099
18" Arm, 21" H, Black, LEDL367MB
17", Matte Black, LEDL9103
Brushed Steel, 16-1/2" High, LEDL9022
27" High, Brass, LEDL9002
18"H, 100W Bulb, 3 Light Levels, Black, LEDL281MB
Brushed Steel, 19-1/2" High, LEDL9096
14" High, Acrylic Finish, LEDL658FR
18" x 5-1/2" x 2-1/4", White, LEDL9011
Compact, 3-1/2 Diopter Lens W/Cover, Black, LEDL9005
Fluorescent, Clamp-On Design, 5" Lens, 42" Reach, White, LEDL745WT
Incandescent-Fluorescent, 40" Reach, White, LEDL445WT
14"H, Uses 60W Incandescent Bulb, Cobalt Blue Shade, Chrome Base, LEDL557BL
22"H, Adjustable Arm, Matte Black, LEDL423MB
Fluorescent, Clamp-On Design, 5" Lens, 42" Reach, Black, LEDL745BK
23" High, Brass, LEDL567BR
16"H, Uses 60W Incandescent bulb, Dome Shade, Black, LEDL563MB
Torchiere, Alabaster Shade, 68"H, Brass, LEDL9003
14"H, Uses 60W Incandescent Bulb, Green Shade, Brass Base, LEDL557BR
18" Height, Black, LEDL516MB
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34"H, 100W Incandescent Bulb, Clamp, Black, LEDL502BK
30"H, 13"W Fluorescent Tube, Matte Black, LEDL283MB
T9 22w Daylight Simlation Bulb, 45" Reach, White, ALVML255D
16-3/4" High, Silver, SAF1001SL
16-3/4" High, White, SAF1001WH
13w Fluorescent Bulb, 14" Arm Reach, White, ALVES244D
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