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Paper Towels

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KCC43753 Image
Kleenex Ultra Soft Slimroll Hard Roll Towel
2-Ply, 7.87" x 262 ft., White, 6 Per Carton, KCC43753
BWK6252 Image
Boardwalk Hardwound Paper Towels
8"W x 350'L, One-Ply Kraft, 12 Rolls Per Carton, BWK6252
WIN101 Image
Windsoft Embossed C-Fold Paper Towels
Bleached White, 150 Towels Per Pack, 12 Packs Per Carton, WIN101
BWK6210 Image
Boardwalk Singlefold Paper Towels
Recycled, Natural, 9" x 9.45", 250 Per Pack, 16 Per Carton, BWK6210
CSD1315 Image
Cascades North River Folded Towels
Multi-Fold, 9-1/8" x 9-1/2", Natural, 4000 Per Carton, CSD1315
KCC06053 Image
Wypall X50 Foodservice Wipers
Quarterfold, 12-1/2" x 23-1/2", White, 200 Wipes Per Box, 1 Box Per Carton, KCC06053
Atlas Paper Mills Windsor Place Center Pull Towels
2-Ply, 8" x 9", White, 500 Sheets Per Roll, 6 Per Carton, APMCP500WINDSOR
GEN1940 Image
GEN Multi-Fold Paper Towels
1-Ply, White, 9-1/4" x 9-1/4", 4000 Per Carton, GEN1940
Office Settings Paper Towel Holder
7-3/4" Diameter x 14"H, Brushed Steel, OSISSPH
GEN1509 Image
GEN Folded Paper Towels
Multifold, 9" x 9-1/2", White, 4000 Per Carton, GEN1509
BWK410322 Image
Boardwalk Center-Pull Roll Towels
2-Ply, 10" Wide, 600 Per Roll, 6 Per Carton, BWK410322
GEN1799 Image
GEN Kitchen Roll Towel
9" x 11", White, 30 Per Carton, GEN1799
PNL8202 Image
Penny Lane Multifold Paper Towels
9-1/4" x 9-1/2", Natural, 250 Per Pack, PNL8202
BWK6202 Image
Boardwalk Multifold Paper Towels
Recycled, Natural Brown, 250 Towels Per Pack, 16 Packs Per Carton, BWK6202
KCC12891 Image
Wypall X90 Cloths
Brag Box, Industrial, 11-1/10" x 16-4/5", Denim Blue, 136 Wipes Per Carton, KCC12891
GEN203 Image
GEN Centerpull Towel
2-Ply, White, 6 Per Carton, GEN203
GEN1805 Image
GEN Hardwound Roll Towels
Kraft, 8" x 350', 12 Per Carton, GEN1805
GPC2112014 Image
Georgia-Pacific Professional Series Premium Paper Towels
C-Fold, 10" x 13", 200 Per Box, 6 Boxes Per Carton, GPC2112014
GEN1507 Image
GEN Singlefold Paper Towels
9" x 9-9/20", Kraft, 4000 Per Carton, GEN1507
GEN Multifold Towel
GPC27315 Image
Preference Perforated Paper Towel Roll
8-7/8 x 11, White, 85 Per Roll, 15 Per Carton, GPC27315
GPC2212014 Image
Georgia-Pacific Professional Series Premium Paper Towels
M-Fold, 9-2/5" x 9-1/5", 250 Per Box, 8 Boxes Per Carton, GPC2212014
GPC2170114 Image
Georgia-Pacific Professional Series Premium Hardwound Roll Towels
7-7/8" x 350 ft.,White, 6 Per Carton, GPC2170114
GPC2717714 Image
Sparkle Pick-A-Size Perforated Roll Towel
White, 8-4/5" x 11", 85 Sheets Per Roll, 15 Rolls Per Carton, GPC2717714
GENMF4001K Image
GEN Multi-Fold Paper Towels
1-Ply, Kraft, 4008 Per Carton, GENMF4001K
CSD20008 Image
Cascades Decor Folded Towels
Singlefold, Natural, 8" x 10-1/4", 4000 Per Carton, CSD20008
MORR12350 Image
Morcon Paper Hardwound Roll Towels
8" x 350ft, Brown, 12 Rolls Per Carton, MORR12350
GEN1941 Image
GEN Multi-Fold Paper Towels
1-Ply, Brown, 9-1/4" x 9-1/4", 4000 Towels Per Carton, GEN1941
GEN1508 Image
GEN Folded Paper Towels
Multifold, 9" x 9-1/2", Kraft, 4000 Per Carton, GEN1508
GENMF4000W Image
GEN Multi-Fold Paper Towels
1-Ply, White, 4008 Per Carton, GENMF4000W
KCC13608 Image
Scott Professional Perforated Towel Rolls
Absorbency Pockets, 15 Rolls Per Carton, KCC13608
GEN Multifold Towel
BWK410321 Image
Boardwalk Center-Pull Roll Towels
2-Ply, 8.9" Wide, 600 Per Roll, 6 Per Carton, BWK410321
GEN1510 Image
GEN C-Fold Towels
10" x 12", White, 12 Per Carton, GEN1510
GEN1803 Image
GEN Hardwound Roll Towels
8" x 300', White, 12 Per Carton, GEN1803
BWK6405 Image
Boardwalk Center-Pull Hand Towels
8" x 12", White, 300 Sheets, 6 Rolls Per Carton, BWK6405
PGC92380 Image
Bounty Paper Towels with Dawn
2-Ply, 11" x 14", 49 Per Roll, 6 Per Pack, PGC92380
GEN1804 Image
GEN Hardwound Roll Towels
1-Ply, 7.875" x 300 ft., Brown, 12 Rolls Per Carton, GEN1804
PGC92970 Image
Bounty Basic Select-a-Size Paper Towels
5.866" x 10.98, 1-Ply, 95 Per Roll, 12 Roll Per Pack, PGC92970
PGC84890 Image
Bounty DuraTowel Paper Towels
2-Ply, 9" x 11", 53 Per Roll, 8 Roll Per Pack, PGC84890
PGC92968 Image
Bounty Basic Paper Towels
10.19" x 10.98, 1-Ply, 55 Per Roll, 12 Roll Per Pack, PGC92968
KCC09217 Image
Kimberly-Clark In-Sight Lev-R-Matic Roll Towel Dispenser
13-3/10" x 13-1/2" x 10", Pearl White, KCC09217
GPC4391015 Image
Brawny Pick-A-Size Perforated Paper Towels
2-Ply, 11" x 6", White, 6 Rolls Per Pack, GPC4391015
KCC01701 Image
Kleenex Pop-Up Box Hand Towels
Cloth, 9" x 10-1/2", 120 Per Box, KCC01701
SEV13720RL Image
Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Towel Rolls
2-Ply, 120 Sheets, Natural, 1 Roll, SEV13720RL
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