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2-Stage Motor, 17" Cleaning Path, 50' Cord, EUK6090
10 Gallon Tank Capacity, 50' Cord, Black, EUKSC6085A
74 lb., Red, EUKSC6093
1/2 HP Motor, EUKSC6001A
8 A, 41 lbs, Black, RCP9VDVSS4400
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Includes Storage Case HEPA & Dust Off Tools, MEVDV3ESD1
10 qt., Black, EUKSC535
Cloth,Rubbermaid Commercial Upright Vacuums, 100 Per Case, RCP9VDVHP10
Vibra-Groomer, 16", 18.5 lbs, Red, EUK899
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Dirt Cup, 12 " Wide, Red, EUR882
11.5 lbs, Red, EUR412
11.5A, 8 Gallon Capacity, 12 lb., Red, EUKSC6060
11-1/2 Pounds, 1-1/2 Gallon, Red, EUKSC412A
Built-on Dolly, 5.0 Amp, Red, 25-Ft Cord, EUKSC6054
EZ Kleen Dust Cup, 12", 7 Amp, EUK887
for useRubbermaid Wet & Dry Vacuums, 50 Filters Per Case, RCP9VWDFF12
1/2 hp Motor, 20 Ibs, Red/Black, EUKSC6053
HEPA Filtration, 15" Clean Path, EUKSC5845B
Paper,Rubbermaid Commercial Traditional Upright Vacuum, 100 Bags Per Case, RCP9VDVPB10
18-lbs., Black, EUKSC889A
Vibra-Groomer II, 17.5-lbs., Red, EUKSC886E
Washable Filter, 50' Cord, EUKSC5713B
8 gal Capacity, 25 lb., Black & Yellow, 18' Cord, Accessories, SHO9252810
3-Speed Drying1/2 HP motor, 1150RPM, 1500 CFM, Portable, EAG1150
9.0 Amp, 11" Cleaning Path, Red & Black, EUKSC3700A
14 Gallon, Polypropylene, 20' Cord, Accessories, 25 lb., RID18718
18gal, 18' Cord, Accessories, SHO9625310
19.8 lbs, Red/Gray, EUKSC688A
Vibra-Groomer II, 16 Pounds, Red, EUKSC684F
10-lbs., Gray & Red, EUKSC9050A
25 Per Carton, JANIVF155
19 lb., Black & Spritz Green, EUK4242
780W Motor, EUKSC785AT
12 Gallon Capacity, 23 lbs, Black & Yellow, SHO9625110
6.8 A, 9 lbs, Yellow & Black, SHO9991910
5-Gallon Capacity, 17 lbs, Yellow & Black, SHO3942010
12 lbs, 5 amp, Black, EUR1934
4-Position, 30' Long 3-Wire Cord, EUKSC679J
5-Gallon Capacity, 17 lbs, Black & Yellow, SHO5872410
9 lb., Le Mans Blue, EUKAS2030A
Micro Clean Tools, Black, MEVMDV1BA
9A Motor, 8.2 lb, Yellow, EUK3670
9lb., 10 Amp, Black & Yellow, EUKAS2013A
8 A, 19 lbs, Yellow & Black, SHO9650610
with Bags & Filter,Rubbermaid Upright Vacuums, 1 HEPA Filter, 8 Bags Per Kit, RCP9VMHHP
Rubbermaid Commercial Vacuum, Washable, 10 Filters Per Case, RCP9VDVEF44
Cloth,Rubbermaid Commercial 12-Inch Light Upright Vacuums, RCP9VULBC12
Bagless, 5-lb., Yellow, EUK71B
5 lbs, Purple, EUK96H2
Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, 6 Quart, 10 Bags Per Pack, RCP9VBPHP06
Cloth,Rubbermaid Commercial 12 & 16 Inch Light Upright Vacuums, RCP9VCVBA12
For Rubbermaid Wet & Dry Vacuums, RCP9VWDPF12
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Sanitaire Multi-Pro 2 Motor Lightweight Upright Vac, 3 Bags Per Pack, 12 Packs Per Carton, EUK61125A12CT
Carpet, 19", White, UNSR19
Carpet, 21", White, UNSR21
Carpet, 17", White, UNSR17
for useRubbermaid Manual Vacuum Cleaners, Black, RCP9VMHBL12
for Rubbermaid Power Height Upright Vacuum Cleaners, 6 Per Pack, RCP9VPHBE12
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for useRubbermaid Manual Vacuum Cleaners, Black, 6 Per Pack, RCP9VMHBE12
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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, DCF-18, 2 Packs Per Carton, EUK63073C2CT
For Rubbermaid Commercial Backpack Vacuums, 10 Per Pack, RCP9VBPPB06
For Rubbermaid Commercial Manual Height Upright Vacuum, 10 Bags Per Pack, RCP9VMHBA12
For Rubbermaid Commercial Traditional Upright Vacuum, 10 Per Pack, RCP9VCVPB12
Paper,Rubbermaid Commercial Backpack Vacuums, RCP9VBPBA06
For 5 to 20 Gallon Wet-Dry Vacs, RID72947
Paper,Rubbermaid Commercial Light Upright Vacuums, 10 Bags Per Pack, RCP9VULPB12
for useRubbermaid Vacuum Cleaners, Black, 6 Per Pack, RCP9VCVBE12
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Full Size Vacs, SHO9035000
For Full Size Wet-Dry Shop-Vac Vacuums, SHO90304
For Full Size Wet-Dry Shop-Vac Vacuums, EUK63073C2
Fits 10-14 gallon tanks, 3 Per Pack, SHO90662
5 Per Pack, SHO9014600
10-14 Gallons, 2 Per Pack, SHO9067200
HangUp Vacs, SHO9039700
for Rubbermaid Ultra Light Upright Vacuum Cleaners, 6 Per Pack, RCP9VULBE12
Rubbermaid Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, RCP9VBPEF06
Best Seller!
5-8 Gallon, 2 Per Pack, SHO9067100
SC600 & SC800 Series Vacuums, 5 Per Pack, EUK63213B10
for Rubbermaid Manual Height Upright Vacuums, RCP9VMHEF12
for Rubbermaid Power Height Upright Vacuums, RCP9VPHEF12
Sanitaire Commercial Backpack Vacuum, 10 Bags Per Pack, EUK6237010
Best Seller!
5 Per Pack, EUK63262B10
Best Seller!
MDV-1, 5 Per Pack, MEVDVP26RP
Disposable, 3 Per Pack, EUK61125A12
Disposable, 3 Per Pack, SHO9052600
Maxima Lightweight, 3 Per Pack, EUK62389A6
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Eureka AirSpeed & Sanitaire Upright Vacuums, 2 Per Pack, EUK61120G12
Sanitaire Commercial Upright Vacuum, 2 Per Pack, EUK52100C12
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