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HSM314 Image
HSM Shredder Oil
For use in all HSM Shredders, 16 Oz. Bottle, HSM314
HSM1310 Image
HSM Shredder Bags
For use with HSM 104 and 105 Series shredders 100 Bags per Roll, HSM1310
HSM1042 Image
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HSM shredstar S10 Shredder
Light-Duty, Strip-Cut, 8.6" Paper Entry, 4.2 Gallon Bin, 10 Sheet Capacity, Black, HSM1042
HSM1058 Image
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HSM ShredStar X6Pro Heavy-Duty Micro-Cut Shredder
6 Sheet Capacity, 8-4/5" Paper Entry, 5.5 Gallon Waste Bin, Black & Silver , HSM1058
HSM1015 Image
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HSM ShredStar X10 Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder
10 Sheet Capacity, 8-4/5" Paper Entry, 5.5 Gallon Waste Bin, Black & Silver, HSM1015
HSM1055 Image
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HSM ShredStar MS12C Cross-Cut Shredder
12 Sheet Capacity, 8.6" Paper Entry, 2.1 Gallon Waste Bin, Black, HSM1055
HSM2310 Image
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HSM Pure 120 Strip-Cut Shredder
12-14 Per Pass, 5.3 gal Waste Capacity, HSM2310
HSM1057 Image
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HSM ShredStar BS14C Continuous-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder
14 Sheet Capacity, 8.74" Paper Entry, 5.8 Gallon Waste Bin, Black, HSM1057
HSM2313 Image
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HSM Pure 120c Cross-Cut Shredder
6-7 Per Pass, 5.3 gal Waste Capacity, HSM2313
HSM2320 Image
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HSM Pure 220 Strip-Cut Shredder
13-15 Per Pass, 5.3 gal Waste Capacity, HSM2320
HSM1052 Image
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HSM ShredStar PS825S Strip-Cut Shredder
25 Sheet Capacity, 9" Paper Entry, 7.1 Gallon Waste Bin, Black, HSM1052
HSM2323 Image
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HSM Pure 220c Cross-Cut Shredder
7-8 Per Pass, 5.3 gal Waste Capacity, HSM2323
HSM1030 Image
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HSM shredstar PS817C Shredder
Medium-Duty, Cross-Cut , 9" Paper Entry, 7.1 Gallon Bin, 17 Sheet Capacity, Black, HSM1030
HSM2331 Image
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HSM Pure 320 Strip-Cut Shredder
16-18 Per Pass, 6.6 gal Waste Capacity, HSM2331
HSM1901 Image
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HSM SECURIO C16s Strip-Cut Shredder
7 Sheet Capacity, 8.8" Paper Entry, 1/4" Shred Width, 6.6 Gallon Bin, White, HSM1901
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