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Brooms & Brushes

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CFS4119900 Image
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Flo-Pac Stainless Steel Broom Handle
60" Long, 1" Diameter, Stainless Steel, 12 Per Case, CFS4119900
CFS4022702 Image
Carlisle Sparta Threaded Fiberglass Handle
Flex Tip, Solid Foam-Filled, 60"L x 1"D , White, 12 Per Case, CFS4022702
CFS4022704 Image
Carlisle Sparta Threaded Fiberglass Handle
Flex Tip, Solid Foam-Filled, 60"L x 1"D , Yellow, 12 Per Case, CFS4022704
CFS36542000 Image
Flo-Pac Aluminum Telescopic Handle 87"-240" Long
1" Diameter, 10 Per Case, CFS36542000
CFS36104000 Image
Flo-Pac Wash Brush
Boar Bristles, 12"L x 2-1/2"W, 12 Per Case, CFS36104000
CFS36541400 Image
Flo-Pac Telescopic Handle
67"-168" Long, 1" Diameter, 10 Per Case, CFS36541400
CFS3637200 Image
Flo-Pac Flow-Through Brush
Super Soft Fine Boar Bristles, 10"L x 3"W, 12 Per Case, CFS3637200
CFS36424T00 Image
Flo-Pac Aluminum Telescopic Handle
83" to 24' Long, 1"D, 6 Per Case, CFS36424T00
CFS4043000 Image
Carlisle Swivel Scrub Floor Scrub Brush
Stiff Polypropylene Bristles, 9" Long, 12 Per Case, CFS4043000
CFS36530014 Image
Flo-Pac Swivel Scrub Head
For Heavy-Duty General Use, Dupont Tynex Nylon Filament, 8" Length, Blue, 12 Per Case, CFS36530014
CFS36531027 Image
Flo-Pac Swivel Power Scrub Head
Nylon Grit Bristles, 8" Length, Rust, 12 Per Case, CFS36531027
CFS364342403 Image
Flo-Pac 100% Pure Horsehair Push Broom Head
24" Long, Black, 12 Per Case, CFS364342403
CFS4101400 Image
Flo-Pac Telescopic Aluminum Handle
79" to 18' Long, 1" Diameter, 6 Per Case, CFS4101400
CFS4161900 Image
Flo-Pac Floor Scraper
Polycarbonate Threaded Handle Socket, 8" Wide, Stainless Steel, 12 Per Case, CFS4161900
CFS4107800 Image
Flo-Pac Floor Scraper
8" Long, Stainless Steel, 12 Per Case, CFS4107800
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