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Wipes & Cleaning Cloths

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MMM19152 Image
3M Doodleduster Disposable Cloth
7" x 13-4/5", 250 Sheets Per Roll, MMM19152
CHI0413 Image
Chicopee Chix Stretch 'n Dust Cloths
12-3/5" x 17", Yellow, 400 Cloths Per Carton, CHI0413
KCC34120 Image
Kimtech Science Kimwipes
Delicate Task Wipers, 4-1/2" x 8-1/2", 280 Wipes Per Box, 30 Boxes Per Carton, KCC34120
MMMMPD1520DD Image
3M Maintenance Sorbent Pads
High-Capacity, 37-1/2 Gallon Capacity, 100 Pads Per Carton, MMMMPD1520DD
CHI8250 Image
Chicopee Chix Food Service Towels
White, 13-1/2" x 24", 150 Per Carton, CHI8250
ITW42272CT Image
Dymon SCRUBS Premoistened Hand Cleaner Towels
10-1/2" x 12-1/4", 72 Per Bucket, 6 Buckets Per Carton, ITW42272CT
KCC91371CT Image
Wypall Waterless Hand Wipes
Herbal Fragrance, 75 Wipes Per Bucket, 6 Buckets Per Carton, KCC91371CT
KCC41455 Image
Wypall X70 Wipers
Pop-Up-Box, 9.1"W x 16.8"L, White, 100 Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Carton, KCC41455
KCC05930 Image
Wypall X80 Wipers
Pop-Up Box, 9-1/10" x 16-4/5", Red, 400 Per Carton, KCC05930
KCC34721 Image
Kimtech Science Kimwipes
Delicate Task Wiper, 1-Ply, 14.7"W x 16.6"L, White, 90 Per Box, 15 Boxes Per Carton, KCC34721
CLO69150 Image
Clorox Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant Towels
With Bleach, 6-3/4" x 8", 150 Towels Per Canister, 8 Canisters Per Carton, CLO69150
KCC75260CT Image
Scott Rags in a Box
10" x 12", White, 200 Per Box, KCC75260CT
KCC75190 Image
Scott Shop Towels
Blue, 200 Wipes Per Box, 8 Boxes Per Carton, KCC75190
KCC3356050 Image
Temporarily Out of Stock
Kimtech PREP Kimtex Shop Towels
13-9/10"L x 13-3/4"W, 1 Ply, Blue, KCC3356050
MMM59032WCT Image
Temporarily Out of Stock
3M Easy Trap Dustesr
5" x 30 ft., White, 480 Sheets Per Carton, MMM59032WCT
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