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AmpliVox Presentation Equipment

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APLSL1002 Image
AmpliVox Deluxe Stereo Headphones
6 Foot Coiled Cord, Aqua, APLSL1002
APLS207 Image
AmpliVox Pro Belt Blaster Personal Waistband Amplifier
44" Adjustable Waistband Belt, 12" Belt Extender, Adjustable Volume, APLS207
APLS1465 Image
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AmpliVox NiCad Battery Pack
Requires AC Adapter/Battery Recharger, 50W Sound System, APLS1465
APLSL1014 Image
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AmpliVox 6 Station Listening Center
With Boombox, APLSL1014
APLSL1006 Image
AmpliVox Personal Multimedia Stereo Headphones
6 Foot Cord, Resealable Bag, APLSL1006
APLS1460 Image
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AmpliVox International AC Adapter-Recharger
50W Sound System, Spill-Proof, APLS1460
APLS2030 Image
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AmpliVox Lapel Microphone
Handsfree, 40 Foot Cord, APLS2030
APLS602M Image
AmpliVox 25-Watt Piezo Dynamic Megaphone with Detachable Mic
Siren and Whistle, 1 Mile Range, APLS602M
APLSL1070 Image
AmpliVox Personal 6 Station Listening Center
CD & AM/FM Radio, 6 Personal Size Headphones, APLSL1070
APLS805A Image
AmpliVox 50 Watt Multimedia Stereo PA Amplifier
3 Mic Inputs, 2 Speaker Jacks, APLS805A
APLS1620 Image
AmpliVox Wireless Handheld Mic Kit
One Frequency, APLS1620
APLS1080 Image
AmpliVox Heavy Duty 1-3/8" Tripod
Adjusts 44" to 84", Black, APLS1080
APLSL1039 Image
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AmpliVox Cassette Recorder 4 Station Listening Center
Built-in Microphone, AC/DC Power, APLSL1039
APLS1601 Image
AmpliVox Wireless Lapel Mic Kit
3 Frequencies, 300 Foot Range, APLS1601
APLS602 Image
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AmpliVox 25-Watt Piezo Dynamic Megaphone
With Siren & Whistle, 1 Mile Range, APLS602
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