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Westcott Scissors

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ACM13824 Image
Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors Set
Left & Right Hand Use, One 5" Length, One 7" Length Per Pack, ACM13824
ACM15585 Image
Westcott KleenEarth Basic Plastic Handle Scissors
8" Length, Pointed, Black, 3 Per Pack, ACM15585
ACM15452 Image
Westcott Preferred Line Stainless Steel Scissors
8" Length, 3-1/2" Cut, Blue, 2 Per Pack, ACM15452
ACM14849 Image
Westcott Non-Stick Titanium Bonded Scissors
8" Long, Straight Handle, ACM14849
ACM14669 Image
Westcott ExtremEdge Adjustable Tension Scissors
Titanium Bonded, 9" Bent, Gray & Yellow, ACM14669
ACM14850 Image
Westcott Non-Stick Titanium Bonded Scissors
8" Long, Bent Handle, ACM14850
ACM14851 Image
Westcott Non-Stick Titanium Bonded Scissors
7" Long, Straight Handle, ACM14851
ACM41318 Image
Westcott Stainless Steel Straight Scissors
Elite Series, 8" Long, Orange, ACM41318
ACM15917 Image
Westcott Lefty Titanium Scissors
8" Length, 3-1/2" Cut Length, Clipped Tip, ACM15917
ACM16197 Image
Westcott Trendsetter Stainless Steel Scissors
8" Long, Straight Handle, White & Green, ACM16197
ACM15913 Image
Westcott X-Ray Scissors
5" Length, Pointed, Stainless Steel Blades, Blue Poly Handle, ACM15913
ACM13731 Image
Westcott Titanium Bonded Bent Shears
8" Full, Gray, ACM13731
ACM13529 Image
Westcott Titanium Bonded Shears
8" Full, Gray, ACM13529
ACM13227 Image
Westcott EZ Open Box Cutter Scissors
Auto Retractable Blade, 8" Full, Silver Black, ACM13227
ACM15554 Image
Westcott Straight KleenEarth Soft Handle Scissors
8" length, Blue & Gray, ACM15554
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