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Fibre Craft Arts & Crafts

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NOM415868 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Frames
3.5" x 5.5" Rectangle, 8 Per Pack, Assorted Colors, NOM415868
NOM350631 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Stickers
100 Per Pack, Glow In The Dark Stars, NOM350631
NOM395740 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Shapes
35 Per Pack, Crosses, NOM395740
NOM415842 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Sheets
5.5" x 8.5", 50 Per Pack, Rainbow Colors, NOM415842
NOM415815 Image
Fibre Craft Peel & Stick Foam Sheets
5.9" x 4.43", 65 Per Pack, Rainbow Colors, NOM415815
NOM395928 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Kit
Crosses, NOM395928
NOM415944 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Shapes
35 Per Pack, Hearts, NOM415944
NOM350596 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Stickers
150 Per Pack, Mini Animals, NOM350596
NOM350507 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Stickers 5 Ounces
Magic Gardens, NOM350507
NOM449023 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Glitter Stickers
70 Per Pack, Music, NOM449023
NOM235183 Image
Fibre Craft Adhesive Foam Sheets
5" x 7", 40 Per Pack, Multi, NOM235183
NOM415870 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Shapes
35 Per Pack, Stars, NOM415870
NOM384084 Image
Fibre Craft Foam Glitter Stickers
45 Per Pack, Stars, NOM384084
NOM461045 Image
Fibre Craft 3-In-1! Foam Kit
Butterflies & Dragons, NOM461045
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