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General Mills Snacks & Beverages

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AVTSN16794 Image
General Mills Chex Mix Chocolate Turtle
4.5-oz., 7 Per Box, AVTSN16794
AVTSN13899 Image
General Mills Cereal-in-a-Cup
Lucky Charms, 1.73 oz., Portable, 6 Cups Per Pack, AVTSN13899
AVTSN28086 Image
General Mills Bugles Corn Snacks
3-oz., 6 Per Box, AVTSN28086
AVTSN1512 Image
General Mills Trail Mix Bars
Natural Ingredients, 16 Per Box, Fruit & Nut, AVTSN1512
AVTSN37301 Image
General Mills Chex Mix Muddy Buddies
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Flavor, 4.5 oz. Bags, 42 Bags Per Carton, AVTSN37301
AVTSN3355 Image
General Mills Nature Valley Granola Bars
Peanut Butter Cereal, 1.5 oz. Bar, 16 Bars Per Box, AVTSN3355
AVTSN35181 Image
General Mills Chex Mix
Traditional Flavor, 3.75-oz. Bags, 8 Bags Per Box, AVTSN35181
AVTSN3353 Image
AVTSN35182 Image
General Mills Chex Mix
Cheddar Flavor, 3.75-oz. Bags, 8 Bags Per Box, AVTSN35182
AVTSN42068 Image
General Mills Nature Valley Granola Bars
Sweet & Salty Nut Almond Cereal, 1.5 oz. Bar, 16 Per Box, AVTSN42068
AVTSN42067 Image
General Mills Peanut Butter Bar
Sweet & Salty, 16 Per Box, AVTSN42067
AVTSN13158 Image
General Mills Nature Valley Granola Bars
Chewy Strawberry Yogurt, 1.2 oz. Bar, 16 Bars Per Box, AVTSN13158
AVTSN13898 Image
General Mills Cereal-In-A-Cup
Honey Nut Cheerios, 1.83 oz., 6 Per Pack, AVTSN13898
AVTSN13896 Image
General Mills Cereal-in-a-Cup
1.83 oz., Portable, Cheerios, 6 Cups Per Pack, AVTSN13896
AVTSN13897 Image
General Mills Cereal-In-A-Cup
2.01 oz, 6 Per Pack, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, AVTSN13897
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