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LTO Data Cartridge

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LTO Data Cartridge (24)
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2776 Feet, 2.5TB, MAX229558
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Up To 15 Cleanings, HEWC7978A
BaFe, 2775ft, 2.5TB Native/6.25 Compressed, HEWC7976B
846m, 1.5TB Native/3.0TB Compressed Capacity, FUJ16008030
MP, 2775ft, 2.5TB Native/6.25 Compressed, HEWC7976A
15 to 20 Cleaning Cycles, MAX183804
100GB (Native)/200GB (Compressed), 20-40MB/Sec., HEWC7971A
2775', 1.5TB Native/3TB Compressed Capacity, IMN27672
200GB (Native)/400GB (Compressed), HEWC7972A
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LTO, 100GB Native/200GB Compressed, MAX183800
LTO3, 400-800 GB, Gray-Blue, MAX183900
2775 Feet, 1.5TB Native-3TB Compressed Capacity, TDK61857
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2600ft, 800GB Native/1.6TB Compressed Data Capacity, IMN26592
2600ft, 800GB Native/1.6TB Compressed Data Capacity, MAX183906
1998ft, 200GB Native/400GB Compressed Data Capacity, TDK27694
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