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UNV79000 Image
Best Seller!
Universal Standard Staples
Chisel Point, 1/4" Leg, 5000 Per Box , UNV79000
SWI50050 Image
Best Seller!
Swingline Cartridge Staples
Chisel Point, 1/2" Crown, 3/16" Leg, 5000 Per Box, SWI50050
BOSSBS1914CP Image
Best Seller!
Stanley Bostitch Standard Staples
1/2" Crown, 1/4" Leg, Chisel Point, 5000 Per Box, BOSSBS1914CP
SWI35108 Image
Best Seller!
Swingline Standard Staples
SF1, 1/2" Crown, 1/4" Leg, 5000 Per Box, SWI35108
SWI35450 Image
Swingline S.F. 4 Premium Staples
Chisel Point, 1/2" Crown, 1/4" Leg, 5000 Per Box, SWI35450
MXB50FE Image
Max Flat Clinch Cartridge For Electric Stapler EH-50F
5/16" Leg, Up To 55 Sheets, 5000 Staples, MXB50FE
MXBNO111M Image
Max No. 11 Mini Staples
For HD-11FLK, 1/4" Leg, 3/8" Crown Flat Clinch, 1000 Staples Per Box, MXBNO111M
BOSSTCRP211514 Image
Stanley Bostitch Full Strip B8 Staples
1/4" Leg Length, 5000 Per Box, BOSSTCRP211514
SWI35556 Image
Swingline Optima Staples
2000 Per Box, SWI35556
SWI35550 Image
Swingline High Capacity Desk Staples
Chisel Point, 1/2" Crown, 3/8" Leg, 2500 Per Box, SWI35550
BOSSTCR211538 Image
Stanley Bostitch B-8 Staples
Chisel Point, 1/2" Crown, 3/8" Leg, 5000 Per Box, BOSSTCR211538
SWI35440 Image
Swingline S.F. 3 Premium Staples
Chisel Point, 1/2" Crown, 1/4" Leg, 5000 Per Box, SWI35440
BOSTRA708T Image
Max Staple Cartridge
For EH70F Electric Stapler, Holds 2-70 Sheets, MXBNO70FE
SWI35320 Image
Swingline Heavy Duty Staples
#353xx Series, 15/16" Leg, Chisel Point, 1000 Per Box, SWI35320
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