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Clauss Knives & Blades

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ACM18053 Image
Clauss Titanium Bent Snip
7" Overall Length, Comfort Grip Handles, 6 Per Pack, ACM18053
ACM18026 Image
Clauss Auto-Load Razor Blade Utility Knife
10 Replaceable Blades, Black & Silver, ACM18026
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Clauss Damascus Steel Knife Set
Includes Bamboo Block, 4 Piece Set, ACM18520
ACM18429 Image
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Clauss Titanium Wire Cutter
7" Overall Length, Comfort Grip Handles, 6 Per Pack, ACM18429
ACM34013 Image
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Clauss Pail of Straight Blade Floral Knives
100 Knives Per Pail, ACM34013
ACM18421 Image
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Clauss Titanium Aviation Snip
Right Cut, 6 Per Pack, ACM18421
ACM33373 Image
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Clauss Stainless Steel Trimmers
8" Overall Length, Long Shank & Short Cut, 6 Per Carton, ACM33373
ACM18660 Image
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Clauss Enviro-Line
Titanium Bonded, Includes Snip, Pruner & Shear, 3 Piece Garden Set, 3 Per Pack, ACM18660
ACM33503 Image
Clauss Wire Cutting Shears
7-1/2" Overall Length, 1/2" Jaw Capacity, 6 Per Pack, ACM33503
ACM18039 Image
Clauss Titanium Snip
8" Overall Length, Glass-Filled Nylon Handle, Ergonomic Handle, 3 Per Pack, ACM18039
ACM18080 Image
Clauss Titanium Ultraflex Bent Shears
9" Overall Length, Comfortable Ultraflex Handles, 3 Per Pack, ACM18080
ACM18038 Image
Clauss SpeedPak Titanium Utility Knife
Aluminum Body, Non-Slip Grip, Includes 1 Utility Blade Cartridge, 6 Per Pack, ACM18038
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