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Honeywell Ear Protection

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Honeywell DPAS-30R AirSoft Multiple-Use Earplugs
27 dB Noise Reduction, Red Polycord, Blue Plugs, 100 Pairs Per Box, HOWDPAS30R
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Honeywell AirSoft Reusable Air Cushioned Earplugs
Uncorded, 27 dB Noise Reduction, Blue, 100 Pairs Per Box, HOWDPAS1
Honeywell QB2HYG Banded Multi-Use Earplugs
25 dB Noise Reduction, Orange Band/Orange Plug, HOWQB2HYG
Honeywell MAX-1 Single-Use Earplugs
Cordless, 33 dB Noise Reduction, Coral, 200 Pairs Per Box, HOWMAX1
HOWMAX30 Image
Honeywell MAX-30 Single-Use Earplugs
Corded, 33 dB Noise Reduction, Coral, 100 Pairs Per Box, HOWMAX30
HWLA815040 Image
HOWLL30 Image
Honeywell LL-30 Laser Lite Single-Use Earplugs
Corded, 32 dB Noise Reduction, Magenta & Yellow, 100 Pairs Per Box, HOWLL30
HOWLPF30 Image
Honeywell LPF-30 Max Lite Single-Use Earplugs
Corded, 30 dB Noise Reduction, Green, 100 Pairs Per Box, HOWLPF30
Honeywell LPF-1 Max Lite Single-Use Earplugs
Cordless, 30 dB Noise Reduction, Green, 200 Pairs Per Box, HOWLPF1
HOW1010970 Image
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Honeywell Thunder T3 Dielectric Earmuffs
30 dB Noise Reduction, Black, Over-The-Head, HOW1010970
HOWLL1 Image
Honeywell LL-1 Laser Lite Single-Use Earplugs
Cordless, 32 dB Noise Reduction, Magenta & Yellow, 200 Pairs Per Box, HOWLL1
HOW1013461 Image
HOWR01669BX Image
Honeywell Howard Leight Single-use Foam Ear Plugs
Recommended for: Ear, Noise Protection, Soft Foam, Orange, 120 Per Box, HOWR01669BX
HOWR01680BX Image
Honeywell Howard Leight Sleepers Single-use Earplugs
Recommended for: Ear, Noise Protection, Polyurethane Foam, Pink, Yellow, 120 Per Box, HOWR01680BX
HOWR01680 Image
Honeywell Leight Sleepers Earplugs
Cordless, Foam, Pink/yellow, 10 Pair Per Pack, 6 Packs Per Box, HOWR01680
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