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Storex School Supplies

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STX62489E01C Image
Storex Cubby Bin Storage Rack
15.7" Height x 13.5" Width x 28" Length, Clear, 1Carton, STX62489E01C
STX00301U01C Image
Storex Wiggle Stool
Rounded Base, Blue, 13" Length x 13" Width, 18.4" Height, 1 Carton, STX00301U01C
STX71125U01C Image
Storex Large Book Bins Metal Shelf Rack
5 Compartments, 7.3" Height x 14.3" Width25.7" Length, Wall Mountable, Assorted, White Bin, Rack, Metal, Steel, 1Carton, STX71125U01C
STX63202U05C Image
Storex Stackable Craft Box
3" Height x 14" Width x 14" Length, Assorted Bright, 5 Per Carton, STX63202U05C
STX62406U06C Image
Storex Clear Lid Small Cubby Bin
5.1" Height x 7.8" Width12.2" Length, Assorted Bright, Plastic, 6 Per Carton, STX62406U06C
STX71126E06C Image
Storex Double XL Wide Book Bins
7" Height x 9.2" Width14.5" Length, Shelf, Desktop, Red, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, 6 Per Carton, STX71126E06C
STX62464U05C Image
Storex Crystal Clear Cubby Bin
5.2" Height x 7.8" Width12.1" Length, Cubby, Clear, 5 Per Carton, STX62464U05C
STX70231B06C Image
Storex Magnetic Wall Pocket
Wall Mountable, Red, STX70231B06C
STX00941U06C Image
Storex Classroom Caddy
3 Compartments, 5.3" Height x 9.3" Width x 9.3" Depth, Recycled, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Plastic, 5 Per Set, STX00941U06C
STX70230B06C Image
Storex Magnetic Wall Pocket
Wall Mountable, Blue, STX70230B06C
STX70109U06C Image
Storex Book Bins
7" Height x 5.3" Width14.3" Length, Black, Plastic, 6 Per Carton, STX70109U06C
STX71101U06C Image
Storex Book Bin Set
7" Height x 5.3" Width14.3" Length, Blue, Plastic, 5 Per Set, STX71101U06C
STX71102U06C Image
Storex Book Bin Set
7" Height x 5.3" Width14.3" Length, Red, Plastic, 5 Per Set, STX71102U06C
STX00160E06C Image
Temporarily Out of Stock
Storex Interlocking Storage Pencil Tray
1.9" Height x 3" Width9.3" Length, Assorted Bright, Plastic, 5 Per Set, STX00160E06C
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