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X-Acto Paper Trimmers & Cutters

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EPI26451 Image
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X-Acto Rotary Trimmer
12" Cut Length, 10 Sheet Capacity, Metal Base, EPI26451
EPI26618LMR Image
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EPI26618 Image
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X-Acto Wood Base Guillotine Trimmer
15 Sheet Capacity, Wood Base, 18" x 18", EPI26618
EPI26364 Image
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X-Acto Heavy Duty Paper Trimmer
24" Cut Length, 24 Sheet Capacity, Wood Base, EPI26364
EPI26358 Image
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X-Acto Heavy-Duty 20-Sheet Paper Trimmer
Wood Base, 18" x 12" Base, EPI26358
EPI26315 Image
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X-Acto Heavy-Duty 18-Sheet Paper Trimmer
Wood Base, 15" x 12" Base, EPI26315
EPI26642LMR Image
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X-Acto 12-Sheet Laser Guillotine Trimmer
Wood Base, 12" X 12", EPI26642LMR
EPI26312LMR Image
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X-Acto Heavy-Duty Wood Base Guillotine Trimmer
12 Sheets, 12" X 12", EPI26312LMR
EPI26612LMR Image
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EPI26234 Image
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X-Acto 12-Sheet Laser Trimmer
Plastic Base, 18-1/4" x 15" Base, EPI26234
EPI26312 Image
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X-Acto Heavy-Duty 15-Sheet Paper Trimmer
Wood Base, 12" x 12", EPI26312
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