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Scott Paper Towels

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KCC01052 Image
Scott 100% Recycled Fiber Hard Roll Towels
White, 8" x 800 Feet, 12 Per Carton, KCC01052
KCC01000 Image
Scott High-Capacity Hard Roll
1 Ply, 8" x 1000 ft, 7.87" Roll Diameter, White, Paper, Chlorine-free, Soft, Absorbent, Nonperforated, Fragrance-free, For Washroom, 12 Per Carton, KCC01000
KCC04142 Image
Scott Brown Hard Roll Towels
7.36" x 800 ft, Brown, Kraft, Paper, Absorbent, Nonperforated, 12 Per Carton, KCC04142
KCC01005 Image
Scott High-Capacity Hard Roll
7.87" x 1000 ft, 1000 Sheets/Roll, White, Paper, Nonperforated, Absorbent, 6 Per Carton, KCC01005
KCC50606 Image
Scott Hard Roll Towels
8" x 600 ft, White, Paper, Absorbent, Nonperforated, 6 Per Carton, KCC50606
KCC01032 Image
Scott Roll Control Center-Pull Paper Towels
1 Ply, 8" x 12", 700 Sheets/Roll, White, Paper, Absorbent, 6 Per Carton, KCC01032
KCC37490 Image
Scott Multi-Fold Paper Towels
8 X 9 2/5, White, 250 Per Pack, 16 Packs Per Carton, KCC37490
KCC01980 Image
Scott Paper Towels
9.40" x 12.40", White, Paper, 175 Quantity Per Pack, 4375 Per Carton, KCC01980
KCC02001 Image
Scott Essential Hard Roll Towels
8" x 950 ft, White, Absorbent, Hygienic, 6 Per Carton, KCC02001
KCC01807 Image
Scott Multi-Fold Disposable Towels
9.20" x 9.40", White, Fiber, Fragrance-free, Multi-fold, Disposable, 16 Per Carton, KCC01807
KCC02068 Image
Scott White Hard-roll Towels
7.87" x 400 ft, White, Paper, Absorbent, Nonperforated, 12 Per Carton, KCC02068
KCC28640 Image
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Scott Hard Roll Towels
8" x 800', White, KCC28640
KCC01010 Image
Scott Center-Pull Towels
2 Ply, 8" x 625 ft, 500 Sheets/Roll, 8.80" Roll Diameter, White, Paper, Absorbent, Interfolded, Perforated, Unscented, Center Pull, 4 Per Carton, KCC01010
KCC01700 Image
Scott Embossed Single-Fold C Towels
White, 250 Towels Per Pack, 16 Packs Per Carton, KCC01700
KCC01051 Image
Scott Professional Center-Flow Perforated Roll Towels
1-Ply, White, 4 Rolls Per Carton, KCC01051
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