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Pendaflex Colored Hanging Folders
Letter Size, 1/5-Cut Tab, Assorted, 25 Per Box, PFX81663
PFX10772 Image
Pendaflex Divide It Up File Folder
Multi Section, 1/2 Cut Tab, Letter, Assorted, 24 Per Pack, PFX10772
OXF57770 Image
Oxford Leatherette Two Pocket Portfolio With Fasteners
8 1/2" X 11", Assorted, 10 per Pack, OXF57770
PFX42593 Image
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Pendaflex Ready-Tab Lift Tab Hanging File Folder
Pre-Attached 1/5 Cut, Legal, 25 Per Box, Assorted Colors, PFX42593
PFX421013ASST2 Image
Pendaflex Interior Folder
Letter, 1/3 Tab Cut, Assorted Positions, Assorted Colors, 100 Per Box, PFX421013ASST2
PFX421013ASST Image
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Pendaflex Interior Folder
Letter, 1/3 Tab Cut, Assorted Positions, 100 Per Box, Assorted Colors, PFX421013ASST
PFX45270 Image
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Pendaflex Pre-Printed Notes File Folders With Fasteners
Letter, 30 Per Pack, Assorted Colors, PFX45270
PFX435013ASST Image
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Pendaflex Interior File Folders
1/3 Cut, Legal Size, 100 Per Box, Bright Assorted Colors, PFX435013ASST
PFX42702 Image
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Pendaflex Ready-Tab Lift Tab Box Bottom Hanging Folders
Legal Size, 20 Per Box, Assorted, PFX42702
PFX40528 Image
Pendaflex Glow Poly File Folders
1/3 Cut Top Tab, Letter Size, Assorted Colors, 12 Per Pack, PFX40528
PFX4153X2ASST Image
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Pendaflex Extra Capacity Box Bottom Hanging Folder
2", Kraft, Legal Size,Assorted, 25 Per Box, PFX4153X2ASST
PFX99917 Image
Pendaflex Letter Size 2-In-1 Polypropylene Combo Hanging Folders
10 Folders Per Pack, Assorted Colors, PFX99917
PFX90164 Image
Pendaflex Recycled Colored File Pocket
3-1/2" Expansion, Letter Size, Assorted, 4 Per Pack, PFX90164
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